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 The Team Excellence Formula™

The Insight you Need to Tap Into the Unused Potential of Your Team

An Assessment for Leaders in the Capital Projects Industry

Discover what to start, stop and continue doing to lead your team to deliver extraordinary results.


Why Assess Your Team's Performance Now?

Your Team Can Achieve So Much More

Your team members are only contributing a fraction of what they are capable of. They are eager to help solve problems and contribute in new ways. Equipped with essential insight you will be able to provide them that opportunity.

You Can Be a Respected and Admired Leader

You're ready to take your leadership to a new level and invest in proven approaches to lead your team to success. Allowing your team to utilize more of their potential will result in greater engagement, loyalty and cohesiveness. 

You're Ready to Deliver Extraordinary Results

You're not satisfied to accept the status quo and execute "just another project". You are ready to seize the opportunity to deliver extraordinary results that you and your team will be proud of. Results that others don't believe are possible.

You're trying your best to lead your team.

You're good at what you do already, and you work really hard. But without an objective measure of your team's performance, you're really just taking a shot in the dark trying to improve their performance. What if you knew where to focus your energy and attention to bring out the best your team has to offer?

We measure your team's performance.

It is no longer necessary to take a shot in the dark. We provide objective measures of how your team is performing so that you can lead with predictable and effective approaches. 

I'm Sally Love

I've been where you are. I've experienced plenty of challenges with team's I've led. I've been frustrated with people problems and team issues that threatened to cause my project to fail.

One of my biggest frustrations was not having an objective measure of how my team was performing. Without a measurement, I felt like I was just take a shot in the dark in leading them to better performance.

I knew there had to be a better way. After all project leaders were already getting measures on everything else - schedule progress, expenditures, quality, earned value and safety.  

I was determined to figure it out! And I did. After working with leading brands and successful project leaders around the world, and watching them struggle with the same thing, I developed The Team Excellence Formula™.

Many project leaders have since used The Team Excellence Formula with great success. Equipped with the insight and objective measurement of their team’s performance, they’ve delivered extraordinary results on their projects.

Is it time you measured team performance and stopping taking a shot in the dark?

You need a realistic assessment and Sally's guidance to take your team to the next level.


The Team Excellence Formula™

The insight you need to transform your team's performance. 

Your Team Excellence Formula Assessment Includes:

Step 1: Situation Review

In Step 1, we perform a review of your project so that we understand the project history and structure, project objectives and current situation and the challenges you and your team are facing. 


Step 2: Leader Perception Audit

In Step 2, we conduct a Leader perception audit with you so that we can gain the unique insight you have from leading and interfacing with your team as you work together to deliver a successful project.

Step 3: Assessment Build & Launch

In Step 3, we build the team excellence assessment for your project, customized to the specifics of your project. Then we launch the assessment across your project team and primary stakeholders.

Step 4: Insight Analysis


In Step 4, we conduct a detailed and extensive analysis of your project's assessment data so that we can provide you with the insight and information you need to transform your team's performance.


Step 5: Results & Action Plan


In Step 5, we consolidate all of your assessment results into a easy to use scorecard and tailor a recommended action plan so that you will know what to start, stop and continue doing to ramp up your team's performance.

Step 6: Virtual Strategy Session


In Step 6, Sally meets with you in a virtual strategy session to review your team excellence assessment results  and recommended action plan. Then she strategizes with you on the best approach for the next steps to take with your team.

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Equipped with an objective assessment of your team's performance you will be able to lead your team to deliver extraordinary results.

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