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The Project Leadership Essentials Coaching Program

The coaching program that equips leaders to deliver extraordinary project results. 

A singular focus on developing leaders in the capital projects industry. 


Why Should You Strenthen Your Leadership Ability?

Your Team Can Achieve So Much More

Your team members are contributing only a fraction of what they are capable of. They're eager to help solve problems and contribute in new ways. They need a strong, capable and confident leader to provide them that opportunity. They need YOU!

You Can Be a Respected and Admired Leader

You're ready to invest in proven approaches to leading your project teams to deliver superior results. Leading your team to utilize their full potential creates greater job satisfaction, increased loyalty and exceptional results. Everyone on the team wins!

You're Ready to Deliver Extraordinary Results

You're not satisfied by the status quo. You don't want "just another project the same old way it's always been done." You're ready to deliver extraordinary results that you and your team will be proud of. Results others may not believe are possible!

You work really hard.

You put in long hours (maybe too many long hours). You care about doing a great job, even to the point of not taking care of yourself. Sure, you'll do your best to figure out some way to deliver the results you are accountable for, but at what cost to you and your team? You have a nagging feeling you and your team are capable of much more - if only you knew how to tap into that potential.

We know what successful leaders do.  

Successful leaders make a big impact. Not through talent alone, but by collaborating with multiple stakeholders and developing the unused potential of their team. Are you ready to be among the elite group of successful leaders?

The Project Leadership Essentials Coaching Program is Powerful

It will equip you with the capabilities and insight you need to lead teams, interface with project stakeholders and deliver EXTRAORDINARY results. The kinds of results that leave people saying, "How did they DO that?!"

This Coaching Program is delivered entirely online. That's a real benefit because you won't have to leave your job site or take time away from your family. And you won't have to sit in a bland, window-less conference room for days on end. You'll be more refreshed which will allow you to focus and on optimal learning. 

Included in the Project Leadership Essentials Coaching Program:

  • 14 comprehensive recorded video lessons
  • 14 live online group coaching sessions with your coaches
  • Q&A opportunities to get answers to your specific questions 
  • A private forum for interfacing with your fellow participants
  • Individual, one-on-one coaching (optional) 
  • Downloadable materials with every module for application on your project
  • A dynamic capstone case study 


The Project Leadership Essentials Coaching Program


Module 1: Leadership & Project Significance

  • Learn what your team, your leader and your customer really expect from you as a leader
  • Discover why tapping into the unused potential of the people on your project is essential to your success and to the project’s success
  • Identify the uniqueness of your project and how to use that uniqueness in a beneficial way

Module 2: Expectations & Project Objectives

  • Learn to clarify your customer’s expectations for project success so that you can deliver results that your customer raves about

  • Identify the 5 essential ingredients of project objectives

  • Discover the one thing your team needs that's even more important than project objectives

Module 3: Essential Project Analytics

  • Determine what analytics are available

  • Identify which ones you can control

  • Develop a process for using analytics to improve team efficiency

Module 4: Personality Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Discover your unique personality style, including probable strengths and possible weaknesses
  • Learn to work within your unique personality style to achieve your highest level of performance
  • Identify the combination of team member personalities you need for a successful project

Module 5: Effective Communication

  • Identify how you can lead fewer and more productive meetings and produce better results
  • Identify how to assimilate three powerful listening skills that you can use anytime, anywhere
  • Learn to win friends (a.k.a. your boss and customer) and influence results with the appropriate use of technology including email, phone, text and reports.

Module 6: Site Layout and Traffic Control

  • Determine potential work area, analyze area requirements and determine actual work areas available
  • Learn to identify routings for personnel, materials, equipment and emergency access
  • Learn to identify locations for site support facilities (tool rooms, lunch and break facilities, toolboxes, etc.)

Module 7: Individual & Team Recognition

  • Discover the astounding difference between positive and negative reinforcement
  • Learn to comfortably and appropriately recognize team member accomplishments
  • Identify why recognizing team milestones and achievements is critical to project success

Module 8: Stacking of Trades

  • Determine requirements for work activity performance 
  • Identify layout for potential work activities
  • Analyze the potential impact of departure from optimum conditions

Module 9: Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Learn to use collaboration among team members, subcontractors and clients to surface great ideas and solve challenging project issues
  • Identify essential changes you need to make immediately to your office/trailer configuration
  • Discover the barriers to collaboration and how to overcome them

Module 10: Overtime & Labor Efficiency

  • Learn to determine the immediate impact of overtime
  • Learn to determine the long term impact of overtime
  • Identify the combined impacts of overtime on productivity, safety and quality

Module 11: Shift Set-up & Optimization

  • Explore the different approaches to shift work

  • Determine the impact of these different approaches

  • Learn how to analyze relative impacts of shift differentials and stacking of trades

Module 12: Productive Project Culture

  • Discover three essential components to building a positive and productive job site culture
  • Learn the important connection between communication and trust
  • Identify the two essential elements of accountability

Module 13: Change Order Impact

  • Learn how to determine schedule impacts of change orders
  • Learn how to determine cost impacts of change orders
  • Determine the cumulative impacts of change orders, stacking of trades and overtime

Module 14: Profitable Client Relationships

  • Discover why repeat business is so important to the viability of the company.
  • Identify how your leadership influences opportunities for repeat business.
  • Learn specific strategies for working with your customer to overcome project issues and negotiations

Capstone Case Study

In this dynamic conclusion of the Leadership Essentials Coaching Course, participants will work collaboratively to complete a realistic case study scenario.

I'm Sally Love

I know all about project challenges. I've experienced plenty of them with teams I've led. And I've advised and coached project leaders around the world who were facing seemingly insurmountable challenges.


I figured out the common thread in all project issues and challenges. The common thread is PEOPLE.

Years ago, I realized that more capital projects are failures than are successes. I knew there had to be a better way - and I was determined to figure it out. There had to be a way for people to be productive AND enjoy their work. There had to be a way for Owners and Contractors to collaborate better and deliver the results their companies were depending on.

And I'm here to tell you, there IS a better way!


My passion is helping leaders unlock the potential of their people and helping teams "hit on all cylinders." And when they do that, they deliver results that amaze people. 


I know projects. And I know first-hand what works in the real world. I didn’t learn how to tap into the unused potential of people while earning my engineering degree or my MBA. I learned it hands-on, in the trenches. I learned it by leading real people, in real situations. I learned it the hard way and with sheer determination!

Through all of these experiences, I’ve helped many dedicated and determined leaders, like you. People on capital projects have so much untapped potential. You and your team can accomplish extraordinary results - the kind that other people say are impossible.  



You know, deep down, that you and your team are capable of so much more!
Fast forward 3 months. What will be different?
What project successes and personal victories will you be celebrating?

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