The Leadership Essentials Coaching Program™

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Why Should You Strengthen Your Leadership Ability?

You Can Be a Respected and Admired Leader

You're ready to invest in proven approaches to leading your project teams to deliver superior results. Leading your team to utilize their full potential creates greater job satisfaction, increased loyalty and exceptional results. Everyone on the team wins!

Your Team Can Achieve So Much More

Your team members are contributing only a fraction of what they are capable of. They're eager to help solve problems and contribute in new ways. They need a strong, capable and confident leader to provide them that opportunity. They need YOU!

You're Ready to Deliver Extraordinary Results

You're not satisfied by the status quo. You don't want to struggle through and survive "just another project with the same flawed results." You're ready to deliver extraordinary results that you and your team will be proud of. Results others may not even believe are possible!

You work really hard.

You put in extremely long hours in a demanding environment. You care about doing a great job and sure, you'll do your best to try to deliver the results you are accountable for, but will it be enough? And what will it cost you, personally? You have a nagging feeling that you, and your team, are capable of so much more - if only you had the tools to tap into that potential.

We know what successful leaders do.  

Successful project leaders make a big impact. They LEAD their project team decisively, EMPOWER their people to work collaboratively among diverse stakeholders and DELIVER extraordinary results that others didn't believe were even possible. Are you ready to be among the elite group of successful project leaders?

The Leadership Essentials Coaching Program™

Equips you with the tools you need to lead teams, interface with customers and subcontractors and deliver EXTRAORDINARY results. The kinds of results that leave people saying, "How did they DO that?!"

Is led exclusively by two Construction Industry / Capital Project experts and delivered virtually. That's a real benefit because you won't have to leave your project site or take time away from your family to get the tools you need to succeed.

Is action oriented. You'll be expected to ACTIVELY participate in the Coaching Program and immediately apply what you learn. Transformation will only occur when you APPLY what you learn to your specific situation.

Included in the Coaching Program:

  • Comprehensive recorded video lessons to watch when it best suits you
  • Downloadable implementation tools so you can immediately apply what you learn 
  • Short quizzes to check your understanding of the content in each lesson.
  • Weekly LIVE virtual group coaching sessions with your coaches to accelerate implementation.
  • Private virtual community for Q&A and interfacing with your coaches and fellow participants.


The Leadership Essentials Coaching Program™

Module 1: Setting Yourself and Your Team Up for Success

Knowing what is expected of you, as a leader, isn't nearly as straightforward as you might think. There are many factors and outside influences you must take into account. But make no mistake, your leadership is the difference between project success and project failure. 

You'll discover:

  • Why clarifying "success" for different stakeholders is essential to delivering a successful project.
  • How past results will impact your success and what you can do about it. 

  • Why tapping into the unused potential of your project team is essential to your success and to the project’s success.

You'll receive:

  • The Team Success Inventory™ to clarify "success" on your project.
  • The Legacy Impact Identifier™ to determine how past successes and failures may impact you and your project.
  • The Pyramid Planner™ to help you get focused on two essential daily leadership actions. 


Module 2: Culture & Customer Relationships Matter

Without loyal customers and employees the company can't stay in business. It's essential that, as a leader, you create and sustain a team culture, consistent with the company's core values, that retains team members, subcontractors and suppliers and that generates repeat business with customers.

You'll discover:

  • Why repeat business is essential to the long term viability of the company.
  • The three essential components to building a productive workplace culture.
  • How your leadership impacts repeat business with customers and employee retention.
  • Why Core Values must be shared, upheld and followed throughout your organization.  

You'll receive:

  • The Customer Relationship Inventory to assess and enhance your customer relationships. 
  • The Culture Enhancement Worksheet to identify gaps and formulate plans for improving your project’s culture.
  • The Core Values Worksheet™ to help align your team to the company’s core values.

Module 3: Accelerate and Sustain Team Engagement

You need your project to be successful and your team members want their work to matter. They want to know that the work they do amounts to something more than just a paycheck. With the learning from this module, you will be able to engage your team from a position of strength and insight that most project leaders never have.

You'll discover:

  • How to engage your internal and external stakeholders with purpose.
  • How to align your team to the significance and worthiness of your project.
  • How to identify the uniqueness of your project and use it in a positive and powerful way.

You'll receive:

  • The Purpose Precedes Profit Guide Sheet™ to plan how to increase engagement on your project. 
  • The Team Significance Clarifier™ to identify the aspects of your team that make it important.
  • The Project Uniqueness Identifier™ to help you identify the uniqueness of your project.
  • The 12 Key Factors Engagement Checklist™ to guide you in increasing individual and team engagement.

Module 4: Analytics in the Construction Industry

In today’s project environment mountains of data are produced. All that data may be useful to someone; but how do you, as the project leader, benefit from this staggering amount of information? Identifying, prioritizing, delegating and analyzing the critical metrics necessary to monitor your project progress is absolutely essential to successful project management.

You will discover:

  • How to determine which metrics you can influence and which are just historical data.
  • How to assign the responsibility for metrics within your project team.
  • Processes to enable you to streamline and reduce the delivery effort and time for critical metrics. 

You will receive:

  • The Analytics Selection Matrix™ to help you determine the metrics that you and your team have control over.
  • The Influencer ID Worksheet™ to define the metrics and expectations of each team member. 
  • The Critical Metrics & Analysis Plan™ to help you identify the frequency, accuracy and turnaround time for each critical metric.

Module 5: Build a Winning Team with Collaboration

Who doesn't want a winning team? Collaboration is essential to building a winning team, yet most project leaders don't have essential knowledge about collaboration or the tools to make collaboration a reality. We've utilized powerful collaboration tools for years and we're going to transfer them to you in this module.

You'll discover:

  • The 5 big barriers to team collaboration and how to overcome them on your project.
  • Sally's 3 go-to Collaboration Tools for getting your team collaborating and solving challenging project issues.
  • How to determine the most important needs for collaboration while avoiding the 5 big rookie mistakes. 

You'll receive:

  • The Collaboration Tools Power Pack™ to help you effortlessly engage your team in collaboration.
  • The Collaboration Tools Journal™ to help you identify the collaboration opportunities right around you.

Module 6: Lead and Work Effectively with Diverse Team Member Personalities 

People problems. Most project leaders say that dealing with people is the hardest part of their job. You'll be a successful leader only when you are able to work and lead team members with diverse personalities, especially those that are very different from your own. We know how to do that and soon you will too. This module is a real game changer. 

You'll discover:

  • Your unique personality style, and why you work almost effortlessly with some people and often struggle with others. 
  • How to work within your unique personality strengths and lead your team to its highest level of performance.
  • The combination of team member personalities you need for your project to be successful.

You'll receive:

  • The Personal DISCernment Inventory™ to identify your unique personality style. 
  • The Team Personality Composition Chart™ to determine how to balance your team composition
  • The DISC Personality Clues Quiz™ to test your knowledge and understanding of the various personalities styles and traits.

Module 7: Space Planning in Construction

Schedules and cost reports are snapshots of status in time. End dates and budgets are desired final destinations. Successful projects don’t just happen, a project leader must develop a plan for delivering results. Planning is an ongoing process that defines what, where, who, and how to navigate successfully to those final desired destinations.

You'll discover:

  • How to determine the actual area/space you have to work with at different times in your project.
  • How to determine and place essential infrastructure to support your workforce.
  • How to anticipate and optimize space/infrastructure conflicts between crafts and contractors.

You will receive:

  • The Space Demand Inventory™ to help you analyze trade-offs in construction space planning.
  • The Space Conflict Mitigation Summary™ to facilitate optimum placement of common-use infrastructure. 
  • The Infrastructure Layout and Efficiency Matrix™ to determine areas and infrastructure availability for specific tasks and time-frames.

Module 8: Effective Communication

When asked what needs to be improved on capital projects, virtually everyone says Communication, Communication, Communication. In this module, we'll equip you to take communication to the next level.  

You'll discover:

  • How to accelerate communication among team members and stakeholders with enhanced listening skills.
  • How to best use the most common types of technology for optimum communication effectiveness.
  • Why clarifying terminology on your project is essential to team aligning your team and delivering project success.

You'll receive:

  • The Communication Types Enhancer Worksheets™ to ensure your communication is effective.
  • The Listening Power Pack™ of three powerful listening strategies to use anytime, anywhere.
  • The Communication Terminology Clarifier™ to define and clarify the terminology and acronyms for your area of work. .

Module 9: Stacking of Trades and Shift Differentials

Virtually everyone uses the terms "stacking of trades" and "shift differentials" in our industry, but few people truly understand the impacts. Being able to formulate critical decisions in these areas based on logic and data, rather than whim and “gut feeling,” is invaluable in leading your team and project success. 

You will discover:

  • How to quantify the productive space available for your craft personnel to complete their work. 
  • Specific methods for calculating the impact of deficiencies in required optimized space.
  • Strategies for mitigating or eliminating impacts for more effective time/motion use of available space. 

You will receive:

  • The Stacking of Trades Case Study™ to determine the impact of factors on the space/infrastructure available.
  • The Headroom Impact Worksheet™ to help calculate and compare impacts of various shift scenarios.
  • The Combined Crowding Impact Worksheet to compare situations with both AREA crowding and HEADROOM impacts

Module 10: The Overtime Paradox

The negative impacts of overtime on safety, quality, and productivity have likely destroyed more project teams, project schedules, and budgets than any single factor other than undefined/uncontrolled project scope. It is imperative that, unlike many people who rely on "gut feeling" or cave to customer pressure to determine overtime, you will be equipped to anticipate, calculate and mitigate the critical negative effects of overtime and make the best informed overtime decision for your project.

You'll learn:  

  • How overtime affects project safety, quality, and labor efficiency.
  • How to calculate the magnitude of the impacts of short-term and long-term overtime.
  • How to formulate an overtime implementation plan to deliver a net positive impact on your project.

You'll receive:

  • A set of Overtime Paradox Worksheets™ to help you determine which actions to take in specific overtime scenarios.

Module 11: Change Order Success 

How you approach and manage change orders on your projects has a lasting impact on your success as a leader. Most people in our industry are approaching change orders completely wrong and the result is outraged clients, failed projects and bankrupt construction companies. 

You'll discover:

  • Why your approach to change orders is likely costing your customer valuable money and threatening the very existence of your company.
  • How to successfully manage change orders on your project.
  • How to determine schedule and cost impacts, and cumulative impacts, of change orders

You'll receive:

  • Change Order Case Studies ™ to help you make the right decision about change orders when they arise on your project. 

Module 12: Team Recognition

You know your team must be motivated to do their work, overcome challenges and deliver results, but how in the world do you make sure they are? We'll take the guesswork out of team member motivation and get you and your team on the fast track to success by providing you the skills needed to keep your team motivated for the long haul.

You'll discover:

  • The astounding difference between positive and negative reinforcement.
  • How best to recognize team member and stakeholder accomplishments.
  • Why celebrating project milestones and achievements is critical to project success.

You'll receive:

  • The Recognition Awareness Action Sheets™ to help you determine how best to provide recognition to your team. 
  • The Project Achievement Checklist™ to help you determine when to celebrate project achievements.
  • The Recognition Commitment Worksheet™ to help you ensure your people know they are valued and appreciated.

I'm Sally Love

I help project leaders tap into the unused potential of their team, and leverage their own skills and experiences, so they can deliver the project results they are accountable for.

I’ve helped leaders achieve results - EXTRAORDINARY results - that others didn’t believe were even possible. Results that shattered industry and company records.

I’ve worked with some of the most recognized brands and best project leaders in the world helping them tap into the unused potential of their teams and get results. And, I've worked with thousands of project experts, like you, enhance their leadership skills and be more effective in their role.  

My passion to see individuals and teams win and achieve results that amaze people, keeps me researching, analyzing and discovering strategies for unlocking the potential of individuals and project teams.


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