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Team Collaboration - The Floodgate Phenomenon

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Things Don't Always Go As Planned

When I was just a little girl, growing up in South Carolina, we always went to the beach for a week each summer.

It was a magical time.

I have wonderful memories of times there at my favorite South Carolina beach.

In recent years I’ve been...

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Hit Team Productivity Out of the Park

It’s hard to believe.

My oldest grandson

started playing baseball 10 years ago.  

He was 6 years old.  

In less than a month

he’ll be able to drive a car by himself!

I remember his first game like it was yesterday.

It was...

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Who do you need to encourage?

One Saturday afternoon while cheering on my favorite college team, the Clemson Tigers, at a basketball game I started thinking about encouragement.

College basketball players sure do get a lot of encouragement.

They get encouragement from coaches,...

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Decision Making On Your Project Stinks

Decisions are crucial on capital projects.

Decisions AND the decision making process impact everything about a project.






Team Morale.

Even Careers.
Project teams need decisions.  

Teams can...

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It was a typical Wednesday morning.

I was jogging on our ranch in West Texas.

Jogging is not something I enjoy, or even do much of.  

I was “training” for the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. That’s a story for another day.  

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The knowledgeable young lady at the state park nature center was reviewing the trail options with us.

You know, stuff like trail attributes.

 Levels of difficulty. Time to complete.

Essential information one needs before setting out on a...

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