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The Most Important Lesson I Learned In Golf School

Some years ago I attended a week-long golf school. In Florida. In July.

 It was total immersion in golf.  

Beginning early each morning until lunch, we would hit bucket, after bucket, of balls on the range.

Then, after a short lunch we would then get personalized lessons while playing 9 holes of golf with the coaching pro. 

Since I like to play golf, not practice golf, I particularly loved the afternoon sessions.


The most important “lesson learned” occurred on the first afternoon.

It was especially important and has stuck with me, after all these years.

My coaching pro, whom I’ll refer to as Mr. Ralph, had me hit 20 balls from the tee box. 

Then we walked out to the fairway to see where I had hit them.  

It was like looking at a scatter diagram.  I’m an engineer. I love scatter diagrams.

A few of my shots had missed the fairway. The ones that landed in the fairway, weren’t in the same spot, but they were...

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The knowledgeable young lady at the state park nature center was reviewing the trail options with us.

You know, stuff like trail attributes.

 Levels of difficulty. Time to complete.

Essential information one needs before setting out on a mountain hike.

After all we needed to be able to complete the hike. And get off the trails before dark.


I didn’t hear a word she said.

 It was that humongous snake!

The one in the aquarium. The aquarium uncomfortably close to where we were standing.

Yes, that snake had my FULL attention! 

If anything can distract me, it's a snake!

Are you distracted on your project?  Of course you are!

What about your team? Are they distracted? Of course they are!

Are these distractions setting you up for unnecessary challenges?


We had three trail options.

Should we take the easy trail? No way. That would be, well, too easy!

The very strenuous trail then? Uh, no. We had no desire to be on the evening news for having been...

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