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What kind of culture are you creating?


I want to talk to you today about culture and stakeholder relationships.

Writer Annie Dillard once said “how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” And most people who work, spend 90,000 hours of their life working. Clearly, how we spend our days at work is definitely going to impact our life when we spend ninety thousand hours of our life working.

So my question for you is, as a leader, what kind of culture are you creating?

Are you creating a place where people want to spend their 90,000 hours working or are you creating a culture where they really wish they could just tell everybody to take a hike and they could go do something else.

I have worked around the world on Capital Projects and so many people tell me that they hate their jobs. They don't hate the work that they're doing, they hate the culture in which they’re doing their work. 

And many people tell me they feel absolutely trapped - stuck like they have no other choice. They love what they're doing, but they hate their job because of the culture in which they’re working. 

As leaders, we have to take accountability for creating a culture in which people can thrive, where people can contribute all of their experience, talent and energy to getting the job done.

We have to do that as leaders, so I'm going to ask you again. What kind of culture are you creating? What kind of culture are you contributing to? 

I really want you to focus on what YOU are doing, because it starts with us, as leaders. 

What are YOU doing to positively impact the culture where you work?


Hi, I'm Sally, I help leaders on capital projects and in construction companies transform their leadership ability so they can lead their team with excellence and deliver extraordinary results that other people (and often even themselves) thought were impossible. If you're ready to transform your leadership results, reach out to Sally so you can get started now.

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