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Another Boring Meeting: What will you do?

It’s 3:45PM and you're hard at work. You're in “the zone” where everything is coming together with ease and clarity.

You're so close to finishing the critical presentation you’re making tomorrow morning about how to get the project back on schedule.

One more hour of working on it and you’ll be done! You're confident it will be a compelling, and much needed, solution to the project’s biggest problem. 

At this very moment, a meeting reminder for a 4:00PM meeting pops up on your laptop. You knew about the meeting because it’s a standing meeting held every week to “review” the project.

This meeting is notoriously long, boring and poorly run. Everyone, including yourself, dreads it.

And then you suddenly remember the promise you made to your kids earlier this morning. You’d be home on time tonight to play their favorite new game in the backyard. You told them they could count on it. 

What will you do? 


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