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Turkey Trots and Memories

My most treasured Thanksgiving memories are those spent with my Daddy on his South Carolina farm. Daddy’s gone now and Thanksgiving is different. I’m thankful for those special Thanksgivings with him.

Twelve years ago, while living in West Texas, some young friends - and experienced runners - persuaded me to run the Turkey Trot with them on Thanksgiving Day. Of course, they blew by me as soon as the race started! So did several men who looked to be about 100 years old. Talk about humbling!

Soon they all looked like tiny specks, far into the distance as I gasped for air. But I persisted and my young friends were there waiting for me and cheering me on as I crossed the finish line. I’m thankful for encouraging (and youthful) friends! 

The following year, on what was surely the COLDEST Thanksgiving Day ever in West Texas history, I ran that Turkey Trot with those friends, amid the sleet and wind. And I was blessed that our daughter, daughter-in-law and little grandson ran it too. I’m thankful for my family.  

Several years passed without a Turkey Trot and we moved back home to South Carolina. Then our daughter and now son-in-law suggested we run the local Turkey Trot. I did, along with a younger grandson. I’m thankful for new additions to our family. 

They sprinted out of sight like gazelles and I was quickly reminded that here in South Carolina we have many hills, unlike the flat-as-a pancake West Texas terrain. I was kind of proud of myself for finishing in the same amount of time as in that first Turkey Trot nine years earlier. I’m thankful for my good health.

I’m not doing the Turkey Trot this year. Who knows, maybe I’ll do it next year. But this Thanksgiving Day I’ll certainly be giving thanks for my many blessings. Among them are family, friends, health and memories!  

What are you thankful for? What are your favorite Thanksgiving memories?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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