Hit Team Productivity Out of the Park

It’s hard to believe.

My oldest grandson

started playing baseball 10 years ago.  

He was 6 years old.  

In less than a month

he’ll be able to drive a car by himself!

I remember his first game like it was yesterday.

It was AWESOME.  

It was more fun than I can possibly describe.

I remember that the wind in West Texas

was blowing like crazy

with gusts up to 60 mph.

You could literally eat dirt.  We did.

And that most of the kids on the team

had never played a single

competitive baseball game.

His team was the “Texas Longhorns”.

And I was actually seen in public

wearing Texas Longhorn colors

and screaming “Hook ‘em Horns”.   

The Longhorn stuff was a tough pill

for this devoted Clemson Tiger to take.  

But as I said that Saturday,

“anything for our grandson.”  

Spoken like a true grandparent.

But back to the game.  

And Encouragement.

It started right at the top


The coach got it.

He understood

what so many people

in leadership positions don’t.  

He got that encouragement

builds up people.  

He got that encouragement

spurs people on to try harder;

to give it everything they’ve got.

He got that encouragement

yields outstanding results.

Clearly, this coach knew how to lead.   

He also understood

that he couldn’t do it alone.  

He clearly communicated expectations.  

He kept the parents informed

and got them involved.  

He set a powerful example.

So much so that the 

Dad's assisting him in coaching


EVERY ONE of the coaches

consistently encouraged

and offering praise.

I wish you could have seen those kids

on that windy day in West Texas,

10 years ago.  

They were beaming!  

You think this didn’t make those kids try harder?  

The coach’s encouragement was infectious

(by the way, encouragement always is).  

The parents and grandparents

were not only screaming and yelling

and going crazy for their own kid

but for EVERY kid on the team.

AND for the kids on the opposing team!  

And the kids played their hearts out!

I know first-hand,

from interviewing  

and working with thousands of people

in the workplace that

people need a lot more encouragement

than they are getting.  

Encouragement isn’t only for

six year olds.

OR for 16 year olds.  

Encouragement is for EVERYONE.

Are you an encouraging leader?  

I don’t know.  

Could you be?  


My grandson's next high school baseball game

isn’t until Friday.  

I don’t know if I can wait that long.

Be encouraged! 


See you soon.


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