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Unlock the potential of your project team.



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I'm Sally Love

I help leaders unlock the potential of their people, and leverage their own skills and experiences, so they can deliver the results they're accountable for.

I’ve helped leaders achieve results - EXTRAORDINARY results - that others didn’t believe were even possible. Results that shattered industry and company records.

I’ve worked with leaders in some of the most recognized brands in the world, helping them unlock the potential of their people. And, I've worked with thousands of project experts, like you, enhance their leadership effectiveness and deliver results.


The Leadership Essentials Coaching Programâ„¢

Sally's dynamic group coaching program equips project leaders with the essentials they need to deliver EXTRAORDINARY results.

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The Team Excellence Formulaâ„¢

Sally's project assessment provides the insight you need to unlock the potential of your team. You'll discover what to start, stop and continue doing so that you can lead your team to deliver results.

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Project Team Consulting with Sally Love

Every project has its own unique challenges. Sometimes you need a skilled professional to help you customize solutions for your project specific issues.  

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Sally's Signature System is simple.

        ALIGN            BUILD          LEAD          

When you ALIGN your team, BUILD teamwork among diverse stakeholders and LEAD your team members in a way that accelerates their productivity, you will rapidly deliver results.  
Sally's Signature System equips you to deliver those results.

I help leaders unlock the potential of their team.

Don't risk project failure. Deliver project success instead.

"Sally Love is incredibly gifted in so many ways. She helped us with some challenging internal opportunities; ones that may be normal in the construction industry, but very specific to our business. "

Will H. - President & CEO, Construction Industry, United States

"There is no group hug stuff with Sally; but rather a laser-like focus on needs. Sally deals with the things that are important to business effectiveness - goals, accountabilities, measurements and the moose on the table (big issues). "

Jack H. - Project Director, Oil Sands Industry, Canada

"Sally is remarkably consistent in how she approaches project challenges. She has that solid understanding of project dynamics, but also of human behavior, which makes her excellent in working through challenges and opportunities. "

Bruce M. - Project Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry, Europe


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