I help Construction and Capital Project Leaders deliver RECORD BREAKING projects results. 

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Are you ready to deliver RECORD BREAKING project results?

You believe you have what it takes to deliver successful projects. 

And you thought you were headed for success.

But things aren't going like you planned. You’re stressed out and working crazy hours, including nights and weekends. You're hardly spending time with your family or doing anything outside of work. Your whole life seems to revolve around your job!

And you’re also smart. You know that doing what you’re currently doing isn’t going to cut it. It isn't going to lead to success. You know you can't sustain this grind for the long haul. And you know that, unless you do something different, you'll soon be dealing with schedule delays, rework due to quality issues, cash flow problems and trying to keep your best performers from leaving.  

To deliver RECORD BREAKING projects, you'll need a different formula.  A proven, repeatable formula built on decisive leadership, empowered teams and masterful execution.


FINISH STRONG in 2019 and set yourself up for success in 2020.

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he 7 things you need to do before the end of the year." 

Our business is helping you deliver RECORD BREAKING project results so that you can achieve the success you're working so hard for.

We help you assess your unique situation and implement the best strategy for your company or project. And we get you there a lot smoother and faster than if you try to figure it all out on your own.

Our Contractor of Choice Blueprint is for construction company owners, executives and project professionals who want to become exceptional leaders, empower their teams to deliver record breaking results that generate higher profits and repeat business with their most desired clients.

Our Team Excellence Formula is for capital project sponsors, project directors and project managers, in owner companies and construction companies, who want to tap into the unused potential of their team so that they can deliver record breaking results that generate higher profits.

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Lead your team with confidence and a clear vision of success, aligned to your company’s core values and standard of excellence.


Empower your people in utilizing their tremendous untapped potential to achieve more than they believe is even possible. 


Deliver extraordinary results with the right execution strategies grounded in planning, analysis and sound decision making.


Hi, I'm Sally

I work with Construction and Capital Project Leaders who aren't satisfied with the status quo and want to do something about it.

They're smart. They're motivated. They're driven. And they're ready to deliver RECORD BREAKING results and higher profits.

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"Sally Love is incredibly gifted in so many ways. She helped us with some challenging internal opportunities; ones that may be normal in the construction industry, but very specific to our business. "

Will H. - President & CEO, Construction Industry, United States

"There is no group hug stuff with Sally; but rather a laser-like focus on needs. Sally deals with the things that are important to business effectiveness - goals, accountabilities, measurements and the moose on the table (big issues). "

Jack H. - Project Director, Oil Sands Industry, Canada

"Sally is remarkably consistent in how she approaches project challenges. She has that solid understanding of project dynamics, but also of human behavior, which makes her excellent in working through challenges and opportunities. "

Bruce M. - Project Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry, Europe